A truly crap piece of Journalism (No, not this…)

I’m talking about Paula Murray’s frontpage article on 6th March (Sunday Express). There are PDFs online, as the original article has since been pulled by the Express’ website.

The article is about the lives of some of the survivors of the Dunblane shootings 13 years ago. The survivors have since turned 18, and so it seems they are fair game for the Express to mount a character assassination of. The article broadly collated information from their Bebo/Facebook/social networking profiles – drinking, lads nights out etc, and presents it as scandalous given there background.  I’m going to go ahead and state the obvious – we should be glad they have been able to get on and lead normal lives. How much worse would it be to have gone to ground and let the atrocity take over their lives. I’m sure they remember that day every day of their lives – given the article picks on those who were actually shot – but that isn’t to say that they can’t have fun!

The entire affair is summed up very well on a variety of sites,  I like this one quite a lot. I’m not really adding to the story here, but I do feel that as many people as possible should see this despicable piece of “reporting” and judge for themselves.

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