Scandals ending in "-gate"

I posted this to Twitter the other day, but I am quite bored of the media referring to more or less anything the public might find scandelous as “-gate”. This was spurred on by the most recent spot of  “expensesgate” on the BBC website the other day. Other recent -gate scandals have been “smeargate” culminating in the departure of Damian McBride, “Sachsgate” about the rude phone calls made by Russell Brand and Jonathan Ross and “Liegate” (actually at least a funny pun, having the word “ligate” to fall back on) regarding Lewis Hamilton and the F1 lies. Apparently the -gate scandals don’t need to involve central Government any more.

I just think this classic “newsroom joke” is past it now. I had to look up when the Watergate scandal actually was. 1974. This pun (if you can call it that) has been running for 35 years. I also think it has been somewhat cheapened given the original (and best?) involved the departure of the President, compared to some sportman telling porkies to the regulatory body.

Can we end it soon please, journalists of the world?

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