New Year’s Resolution

I’ve never really done a New Year’s Resolution before, so this will be a first for me. And I think I’ve started with an easy one; my resolution is to watch more movies! It is well known that I have an awfully small amount of movie knowledge. I only know about big famous film and ones with Hugh Grant in. And even then there are some surprising gaps in my film-watching history. Particularly the so-called “classics” as I only tend to watch films at the cinema.

I’m going to  change all of this though, thanks to getting a Blu-Ray player for Christmas and I’ve just set up a LoveFilm account to help me see a few of these films. Those that I feel strongly enough about might even get a blog-review of them if they are either excellent or really atrocious. My aim therefore is to watch at least 2 films a month (my current subscription).

I just returned the first film I was sent, and it was Angels and Demons, the adaptation of the Dan Brown book by the same name, starring Tom Hanks and Ewan MacGregor. I think the movie makes the storyline more obvious than the book, but then having read it before I saw it, I guess I would think that.  Otherwise I guess it is a perfectly passable action/thriller, but not exactly ground-breaking.

Apparently my next film is another book adaptation, The Golden Compass (or Nothern Lights as it was here in the UK). This is a book series that I loved, so I hope the movie doesn’t mess it up too much! If it does, you can be certain it will elicit a response on the blog!

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