Science in the European elections

With all the current talk about the recession and the economic meltdown – to use two of the oft used phrases – it is important to remember that the European elections are about much more than economics.

The MEPs we elect tomorrow will be making policy on a huge number of areas for the next five years and while some of these economic pledges may sounds like a great quick-fix, I think it is important to review all the policies of a party rather than voting on the headline grabbing ones.  The point is demonstrated particularly well by the The Times’ discussion over the Green Party’s scientific manifesto, but I think the point generalises to all parties and all areas of policy.

The Campaign for Science and Engineering has a breakdown of all parties’ scientific policies here. Also, VoteMatch is a webiste that can tell you your overall leaning, based on asking you about your thoughts on some policies.

Certainly something to bear in mind before we hit the polls tomorrow.

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