More on homeopathy at Birkbeck

A little while ago I wrote about the set-up of a homeopathic society at Birkbeck and my concerns about it. This prompted me to write to our Student Union to try and understand exactly what was going on, what the size of the operation was and if we were financing this (in my opinion) ethically dubious behaviour by students of another university on our campus. I never heard back, despite chasing.

However my point did appear to have struck home, at least for a brief while: posters were removed from the lifts and corridors and their original website was torn down and replaced with this one. I’d like to class this as a small victory as it appears I have at least cleared the name of my College from their website and so we are no longer associated with such drivel.

I suppose the next stop is to drive them out of using College rooms by showing the College what nonsense is being harboured within our building. I think that shall be my next port of call.

2 thoughts on “More on homeopathy at Birkbeck

  1. Hi, just (22nd Jan 2011) noticed that the Birkbeck Union still has the Homeopathy Society listed.
    Any idea if they are still going?
    I’m rather concerned about it existing under the BBK banner.

  2. Hi Rosel,

    I’m not sure if they are still going as I left Bbk in September. I’d guess if the poster is still up then they are, but I don’t know under what guise or how strong they are.

    If you are a student there, I’d raise it with the union *again* as both a student welfare issue for promoting medicine which is known not to work better than placebo and to check whether they (students from another University) receive any financial help or benefits from Bbk.

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